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The vision of Focus Organisation is to be the leading provider of integrated marketing
solutions for the business we work for and to continually develop results driven strategies
designed to meet specific client needs.

on Simplicity A Focus

Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is the process of acquiring new customers for business. For enhancing the revenue, the organisation should always balance the number of customers acquired with number of customers who divert to different organizations.

Branding and Promotion

Branding and promotion is the way to inform, remind, persuade convincingly, and influence the consumers to drive their decision towards purchasing the product or service under a brand.

Revenue Generation

The process of defining, planning, and executing a plan intended to generate an income to a business

Why Choose Focus Organization?

The advantages of associating yourself with Focus organization;

Financial Independence
Extra Income
Possibility of owning your own company
Personal growth and development
Opportunities to assist others
Exposure to new people


The vision of Focus organisation is to provide a business platform that allows everyone to get the most out of their company. We intend to provide our clients with the most cost-effective business solutions possible. We scrutinize every aspect of a client's demand and design the most original and helpful solution so that their business can be elevated to the highest possible standard. We endeavour to raise a generation of people that are motivated to go to work every day, feel safe while working, and are satisfied with their work at the end of the day.


  • Customer Commitment We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our customers lives.
  • Quality We provide outstanding products and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our customers.
  • Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of intergrity in all of our actions.
  • Team Work We work together, across boundaries, to meet the needs of our customers and to help the company win.
  • Respect For People We value our people, encourage their development and reward their performance.
  • A Will To Win We exhibit a strong will to win in the market place and in every aspect of our business.
  • Person Accountability We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments

Focus organisation is an outsourced sales and marketing firm, with its roots in South India. We are a company that provides opportunities to the people who are willing to grab them. Focus organization has its humble beginning in 2012 and we have worked relentlessly to transform it into an empire with offices all around India. We have worked extensively in all divisions from charity, telecom, insurance, hospitality, entertainment, and various other sectors. With our perseverance and effort, we are now a modern-day direct/tele sales and marketing firm with a traditional and sophisticated approach to customer acquisition, Brand Promotions, and client servicing.

Here, at Focus Organisation, we take pride in assisting our clients in increasing their bottom line by obtaining new consumers or generating donations for important causes. We are India's most dynamic, innovative, and forward-thinking sales and marketing firm.


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  • One of the young and brilliant business heads of south zone of India Mr.Minhaz MD graduating as an engineer in electrical and communication from chennai, Minhaz was looking for an opportunity to put his talents to full use. In spite of getting related in Focus Organisation as a trainee, Minhaz was still fish out of water, the language and the culture of the south being new to him but with the proper guidance and training from his trainer Mr. Surendran R, Founder, Focus organization. Minhaz found a way to navigate his ship towards success. Right now he owns his SBU, Imperial Management in Trichy and run a successful and independent business unit. Minhaz defines success means “Success is making a difference to people while doing what we love. For me, it involves working with great coworkers and customers while creating new business opportunities”

  • Her main motivation for joining Focus centered around the incredible growth potential for both herself and the company. She was faced with exciting new challenges every day, and her team provides her with the information and support to overcome any roadblocks. In her position, she has the chance to think outside the box and identify new solutions while continuing to learn and progress in her role.
    When asked what she means by success Dhivya says, “Persistence! Keep hitting again and again till you hit the bulls eye!” To the people who are starting afresh and who are looking for new opportunities she says, “Focus offers a great place to grow and develop. As you continue to challenge yourself, you can envision new areas in which you can succeed.”

    Senior Hr manager, focus organization
  • Myself DHANDU DINESH JAYAPAL, an engineer from PARK ENGG COLLEGE mechanical background, being a guy from a normal family background had an idea about start-up in my core industry from my college days itself but because of family situation and financial instability I couldn’t pursue my ambition. So I decided to look for a good job and That’s when I got a mail from my parent company Focus. When I joined in this company, my parents were quiet quizzical and asked me that “ what product your company is manufacturing?”, I replied them, “they manufacture entrepreneur”. Being an engineer, I chose an unconventional path. And, today I pursued my dream of having my own company in my dream city Cochin. My next goal is to bring changes with my colleagues in their lifestyle and to expand my business empire into southern India. My aim is to make my partners obtain their own success by developing their skills by working in my company. That’s why I realized “OUR SKILL YOUR GROWTH” as my tagline.
    I am very thankful for everyone who believed in me and giving an opportunity with freedom to achieve my dream !!!

    Dhandu dinesh J
    Business Owner, Naval Incorporation
  • Myself Soundar Ravichandran mechanical engineer graduated from South India. I studied at PSG college of technology. Later I got placed in my core job and worked for almost a year. One point of time I felt I don’t want to get into a trap of 9 to 5 job till my life ends, so I was searching for quite an interesting profile to learn some management and entrepreneurship skills. I got an opportunity to work with my parental company Focus, which is in Coimbatore. I completed training successfully and started my business in Mysore. I face lot of challenges at initial days, now I feel so happy and proud about what I am doing. Now looking forward to expand the same business to other places of South India on coming days.

    Soundar Ravichandran
    Business Owner, Pinnacle
  • Myself Ahamed Altaf Potachola from Kerala. Completed my B.E Mechatronics in Anna University Coimbatore. After that was working for an IT firm as a SEO analyst.
    Days went on and i just realized that Im just repeating the same work again and again like a robot and i know that i dont deserve this lifestyle, just trading time for money which actually means working for someone else’s success. I just wanted to be independent and luckily I got into this business.
    I just joined there i had no idea what these people in this business were doing really, but what saw was they all were enthusiastic and that made me stay here.
    The best part in this business is the interaction which we need to have with humans and it was crazy I, i liked it! started this with a good smile, i worked hard for myself I developed my communication skills, knowledge, my personality i updated me to gem level. They thought me how to handle top most clients in the world, great mentor ship, and leadership skills which made me feel awesome. It was not easy because success is will never come with ease. I got everything that i wanted and my dream came true and it is ALZA INC , I started my journey as an owner from 2019 September, the journey was with 8 employees, lot of challenges, within four months the pandemic started, we were in a turning point where a complete direct marketing company have to survive all these lockdown days !! Without giving up we restarted the business back with great attitude and will power, I really thank all my core leaders who believed me and stayed back with me , those 5 guyz came upto 80 guyz within one year , 2 ownership promotion and 3 crewleader promotions, more than 40 trainers, we were able to stay back as number 1 in the country!
    I’m very much thankful for everyone helped me and supported me during all these journey ! If you have great attitude and dedication towards your goal , you will 100% achieve it !
    Don’t run behind success!! Develop yourself let the success get attracted to you!!

    Ahammed Althaf Potachola
    Business Owner, Alza Incorporation
  • I joined this company as a fresher without any exposure in other fields. . But after coming here, i got a great exposure which helps to mold myself in various things . Intially i was designated as a Business Associate in Focus where it was quite challenging profile . I was curious to learn the mentality of different people that drived me to through many things and also to gain lots of experience. Because of some personal reason i got opportunity to work in HR department. Learning the HR basics skills makes me proactive and multitasking. I’m eager to learn more things in this field. I got the right mentors and trainers to train me as a good recruiter. Learning the things and implementing what I learnt with lot of patience to master in this field for our organisation growth.

  • As am a MBA Graduate I got the Right platform to work in Imperial because of Work Environment, culture which we follow is different. the freedom which i get in a positive way to grow myself in Learning, updating and Implementing. Its great to work with the team who continuously strive to offer you the best.

    HR Manager
  • I, Yaswanth Krishnan R, am a Mechanical Engineer from Sree Chithra Thirunal College- Kerala. After my graduation like every others I had hid my passion and started working as a Process Associate for an IT firm.Days went by when I started thinking of my dream which was hidden inside, to run a business successfully and not to lead a sedentary lifestyle which was already overwhelming. My crave for a business idea was fulfilled when I got this job. I got into FOCUS Management from where I got an opportunity to meet lot of young professionals who were really goal oriented and focused in life. In the early
    stages I worked with little understanding and greater dream, all that made me stay was the enthusiasm that I saw in the people everyday.
    Initially interacting with a lot of new people built in me a high confidence which later helped me out to build myself.
    My knowledge expanded from a computer screen into the deeper aspects of running a company. And yes, this did not happen over a period while struggles and sacrifices were an essential part of it. Also the dissolving fear of Covid – 19 challenged me to prove myself with the best mentor ship and under guidance my Leaders has now brought me to the footsteps of my dream.
    Success is never an overnight process, it’s always over the nights. Im very thankful to everyone who helped me cross all hassles and help me become a Business Owner.

    Business Owner
  • Myself Syamdas , basically a Malayalee from Thrissur , a mechanical engineering graduate from Tamilnadu College of Engineering, one of the top- notch institution in india. Always had a goal of standing on my own legs without depending on anyone else.
    So immediately after my graduation, I joined in a designing company with the hopes of being the best in my field. But, quickly I realised that I was always going to be under someone else. So, I started searching for something really innovative and challenging when I stumbled upon one of the finest opportunities a person can ever get.
    I got into FOCUS Management from where I got an opportunity to meet lot of young professionals who were really goal oriented and focused in life. So I joined with the best mentor, Mr. Ahammed Althaf, Managing Director
    ALZA INC. who actually transformed me into becoming a better person. From there I started improving my communication & intellectual skills and I learnt to become an independent person.
    Later on, When I accomplished my dreams, I am proud to say that right now I am a partner to my mentor.
    So I would like to thank all my mentors, who guided me throughout my entire journey. And I;m going to channelize all the knowledge that I recieved to make my new venture INSPERON INC. a successful one……………..

    Business Owner
  • Hello everyone! This is sumitha here! I have done my bachelors in engineering at K.S.R College of technology. I was a very studious girl, so that I got lot of placement offers from software companies. But , I was looking for something exciting and challenging, that’s when I got a mail from focus organisation.I got impressed by the opportunity to work for myself. I never saw this profile as marketing profile, because I enjoyed working with different clients including charity. I got transformed from an engineering graduate fresher to a budding entrepreneur.Here, I saw people who is being happy for working hard and who is proud of themselves.I wanted to be like them.Right now, I am one among them. “Happy and Proud” to be part of them !!
    I have reached this height only because of the belief these people have in me. I really want to thank everyone who believed in me and I am very grateful for this opportunity

    Business Owner
  • I remember the day I started in our organization as a typical malayali studied everything in malayalam medium. Being an engineer with an experience of 3-4 years the first and foremost barrier I had was Language barrier when I joined Focus Organization. With proper training and guidance from trainers and equal effort from my side helped me to grow eventually to the position of Assistant Manager. What I feel is if you want to excel in any level you need to LEARN, CHANGE and EVOLVE. That’s the only thing I am good in or I learnt from people by observing, listening and speaking to them. I made changes in my mentality and ethics in all the situations which helped me growing. By time the evolution started happening from a normal BA to the level of AM. Still I do same to grow more. This business is all about copying and pasting. And the supporting system I had around were incredible from Trainer Sounder, Organization head Surendran, other owners, other trainers and my team. Whenever I was in a challenging situation there were people around me to inspire & motivate to find out the solution. This opportunity is full of excitement didn’t made me feel bored at any point like other companies I worked. Other companies I couldn’t find out my potential and I couldn’t see any growth. At this opportunity..at this
    level I could feel my potential and Growth opportunities ahead me

    Business Owner
  • Myself Manoj Kumar. I completed my graduation in computer background in Rathinam Institute. Then I had an opportunity to look after my father business for couple of years. Succession in family businesses is a challenging issue and the one critical milestone in this journey is "inducting the next generation into the business". Well I hope it is done well, Prior experience has built the right mindset
    and capabilities in me and Here I found out. Eventually I got a opportunity to attend the interview in the company called Focus. The idea of the company and the environment attracted me. I joined there and I have started my career as a Business Associate.Initially went through lots different challenges. But It helped me to develop my interpersonal skill to run my own business.

    Business Owner
  • Myself Roshni a native from Coonoor and a graduate in Commerce from GRD College of Science always wanted to be the sole reason for my entire growth. When searching for an opportunity like that I ended up getting one of the best
    offers that changed my entire career from a Company called Focus Management From there I met my mentor Ahammed who actually was one of the major source of inspiration in my career. Since then I was able to notice an array of
    changes in myself. I transformed myself from being a reserved person to gradually becoming much more social and approachable. And when the attributes of leadership, competition patience all came to me, I started leading
    my life in a way I always wanted it to be. At the same when I met people of my same age achieving so much in life I wanted to be the same and thats where my career got a strong base in my life.
    Once I got all these factors in the concept of business I was able to reach all the levels of growth with great ease. Being a partner to people with great minds like them helped me to scale various heights of success. Im incredibly thankful to all my mentors and when implementing everything they guided me through I'm sure that I would be able to lead a great successful venture.

    Business Owner
  • Hi Myself SYED IRFAN HOBIB, basically from Assam, graduated as Mechanical engineer from Anna university ,Coimbatore.
    Right after the graduation, I have decided to enter into business profile as I usually admire people who have great lifestyle. I was looking forward to do my Masters in London but in the meanwhile I was applying interviews for Business profile, I was coming across FOCUS ORG. , where it’s offering an on job training for all the different Business administration programs. There begins My journey in Focus, Initially as a BA, it was challenging for me to interact with new people, since from a different place and different language. Slowly I got adopted to the situation, as the Environment here is full of ENERGETIC YOUNGSTERS and EXCITED PEOPLE. I like to learn New things, as day by day, I learned lot of things here, be it communication, interpersonal skills.
    And I see People here work unapologetically for themselves and make it happen for them to be independent to stand in their own feet.
    I understand the concept of ENTREPRENEURSHIP then, here how people are starting their own company by developing their skills. Best thing about this business is their Support system. And once I have understood about this I started building my Team, and IT WAS NOT AN EASY JOURNEY SINCE I DON’T BELONGS FROM THIS REGION BUT STILL WITH HELP OF OUR SUPPORTING SYSTEM I CAN ABLE TO PICK THINGS VERY QUICKLY!!
    I really like to Thank the people who have actually taught me a lot in this process.
    I have recently got promoted into Business owner of My company named DRACARYS.INC

    Business Owner
  • Amruthesh here , Native from Kollam Kerala ., I completed my graduation in Electronics and Communication Engineering under CUSAT UNIVERSITY. After my graduation as most of the educated Youngsters do I also started job hunt.., that is the point where I came to get associated with the FOCUS organisation via ALZA INC from Trivandrum location. The moment I completed my interview. I got the realisation. That rather than a job opportunity. This platform is here to provide Entrepreneurship; I was completely into putting forward the decision to work along with the company since I always had an intention. To run a business and I completely believe that decision to be true and when I started working with this Organisation I started realizing the great changes happened in my me personally as well as professionally.
    Ofcourse its not a job opportunity – its a great opportunity to create an identity while building our Career ie., “the opportunity of Entrepreneurship” .
    Its a place which completely values the efforts, dedication and passion of a person and develops a normal person into a business person through an extra ordinary training program.

    Assistant Manager
  • Being a graduate in International Business from Amity University, Delhi, my sole focus was to spread my wings overseas. As I was waiting on the process of Visa approval, I decided to broaden my horizons and that is when I landed a job with Focus Organization. Initially, my mentality was to work until I got my Visa but then, I noticed the changes within me in 2 months of time. I became more disciplined; my personality was improving day by day alongside my effective communication skills. I achieved a tremendous growth in the company and gradually, the business started growing on me. With the extensive benefits that this window of opportunity presented and the idea of running my own empire got me thinking; why turn away when I can have all that I wanted here! There are a lot of things this business and company has taught me and the one that I keep fresh in mind to date is that “Instead of thinking too much and chasing after success, just try to be the best in whatever level you are. That will gradually take you to SUCCESS”.

    Krishna Sagar
    Assistant Manager
  • After completing my engineering in Electrical and electronic engineering I was working in a MNC for a year. Where I was not able to see any growth n development towards for my career. I was seeking for an opportunity where I can improve my skills which can help me to enlighten my career.
    After that I got great opportunity to join in Imperial Management as an Business associate. Initially it was a different challenge for me in terms of Sales n marketing but I got a great training n support system from my MD n other top performers in the office which made me also a good performer in the office n it helped to get promoted in the company as well.
    Now I became a Crew leader in my office where I’m hanging 15+ guys in my team n I’m looking for my next promotion as an assistant owner shortly.

    Crew Leader
  • Excuse me, Hi 👋 I am Romiyo Johnson
    and Yes i purposefully added an ‘excuse me’ just to remind myself of the first words i learned after i joined this beautiful business.
    I did my postgraduation in commerce hoping to become a normal 9-5 employee. That’s when I got a mail from NAVAL Incorporation….and as a youngster i was also looking to earn some money doing some job, so i went to the interview and it was then, I realised that our business doesn’t look for employees, they look for * FUTURE ENTREPRENEURS*. I was more than excited to be a part of Focus organisation which offers so much potential for growth in every aspects. Slowly but consistently i started learning about the business, sales, training, management etc from here. And as the time went on, this organisation changed the person i was…..now i can look back to the old Romiyo and feel proud of how far i have reached in my career, in my life and every hurdle i faced made me stronger and a much better person than i was yesterday.
    If it was not for the training, care and motivation i got from this organisation and all the wonderful people who helped me with my each step during this journey i would not have been where i am today.
    And i am sure that if everything goes well i will be able to run my own Business Unit this year itself..

    Crew Leader
  • Such an inspiring experience working with Focus organisation and its whole Team .
    Being a graduate in engineering stream from PSG COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY, was passionate about upgrading my personal skills / value in the corporate market . I was surfing through different company profiles to meet the same. Got an opportunity to meet Mr. Surendran , The organisation head . Inspired by his past achievements and present progress I started my career in the company. Worked with some of the brightest, friendliest and hard working people that pushed me in attaining 4 levels of promotion in the matter of just few months in the company. I could sense that the company’s expansion plans and actions are progressing in good speed.
    Myself, joined as an employee. Now I’m happy that i could partner my organisation head in further expansion of ventures

    Crew Leader
  • This is Sarath kumar V V, after finishing Masters in Tourism and Administration from Mahajana Mysore. I was looking for exciting opportunity to do something outstanding. Focus offers an opportunity to become an entrepreneur. “Believing that opportunities don’t happen, you create them” grabbing the right opportunity right now being here as a crew leader. The challenge of leadership is unique in its focus and in its results. You have to be ready and willing to go beyond normal trainings, but you will be able to understand yourself much better than you ever thought you could. I’m really grateful to be here!

    Crew Leader
  • Hey im aswin I’m a Mechanical Engineer completed from Amrita School of Engineering. I have 2 years of experience in Cognizant Technology Solutions. I was not the correct person to be in that profile, so was looking for a platform where I can use my skills properly. I’m fond of interacting with different people and by reaching here I got a belief that it’s the place that can grow and get developed. Initially, I was fully confused with the business. But I got an opportunity to travel for exposure meetings and got the big picture. Now I am a crew leader in this company. We need to reach heights of all levels in this business. Thanks for all the people who guided me on the right path.

    Crew Leader
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