Marketing Pipeline

Marketing Pipeline

A vast majority of businesses have been completely aware of the rising expense of acquiring new consumers. In recent years there have been many platforms where a variety of media and marketing channels are used to advertise and sell items. Field/Tele marketing and sales have now established themselves as one of the most important channels in the strategic marketing mix, having been demonstrated to be a very effective technique for bringing products, services, or brands directly or on call to customers in the marketing pipeline. At our core, we are marketing and sales pipeline strategy experts such as math marketers and sales strategists that take revenue responsibility seriously. Here at focus organisation, we understand that closing deals and increasing revenue are the most important aspects of the marketing and sales pipeline.

Lead generation

The first stage is when our company is actively looking for potential customers. We put our Efforts on increasing brand awareness. While few leads are ready to buy at this point in the pipeline, they will likely buy in the near future.

At this stage of the pipeline, attempt to gather leads through:

  • 1. Face to Face marketing
  • 2. Tele marketing


To qualify our leads, building rapports and understanding whether the customers are capable of buying the service which we provide and also by ensuring that the customer will have long term retention. Since we focus on having 2 way communications, so the response of customers towards us also helps to know the customer better.


During the Deliberation stage of the marketing pipeline, the business associate speaks directly with the prospect in person, on the phone or via face to face. The business associate asks about the prospect’s needs and discusses solutions that can be offered by the company. A purchase may or may not happen at this stage. For B2B companies, it could be an exploratory call to discuss services. Either way, if the deliberation doesn’t result in a sale, follow-up is essential. The final decision will come during the proposal stage of the sales pipeline.


Once the business associate has developed a relationship with the customer, it’s time to make an offer in the form of an idea. The idea should be modelled after what has been the most effective strategy thus far for our business. Take that strategy apart line by line and organize it so that it can be replicated by all your sales associates.


When a sale is made, the pipeline isn’t finished. We as a business will meet the client’s expectations. The customer service team will be working to ensure the satisfaction of every customer by monitoring every customer and responding proactively with updates. The marketing team will have the updated statistics of the client’s particular projects which we work