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Who Are We

Focus Organisation is your stop to success and the best strategic marketing. Since our establishment in the year 2012, our primary goal has been to provide the best service to our clients. We also take satisfaction in assisting our clients in increasing their bottom line by bringing in new consumers or generating donations for important causes. In our company, we believe it is critical to provide possibilities for young people. We provide a firm foundation for new aspirants to build confidence, trust, and creativity in order to achieve their full potential. We strive to bring out our best and to indulge in decisions that are mutually beneficial for our clients as well as our organization.


We’re built for growing businesses. Put our marketing and sales tools behind your idea, dream, brand, or business and we’ll help you share it with the world

Put the focus on feelings

Though we like to think our most important decisions (especially those involving money) are rational and thoroughly planned, the fact is we are often swayed by our emotions. A confident voice of reason and reassurance is the ultimate validator. A few words of reassurance about a product coupled with a personal anecdote help customers feel confident about their purchasing decisions.

Don’t push product

Soft selling, on the other hand, is more conducive to long-term relationship building. It places an emphasis on the customer rather than the product, making people feel valued and significant to your brand.

Maintain a strong brand identity

A strong brand identity makes your company look bigger, builds loyalty and trust, conveys stability, and shows commitment and personal pride. In other words, consumers want to align themselves with link-minded brands -- this is how we define who we are.

Opportunities To Set Up Business

Running a business is an art and people with good business skills can do wonders. Business is not just about selling products or services and earning profits. Business makes a person realize that how good he/she is in managing situations, communicating with people, strategizing actions or implementing new thoughts. Nature of every business is different that requires a variety of skills, knowledge, temperament and patience. It is always said that running a business is not a mere cake walk.


FOCUS as an organisation provides training on key skills required to run and manage business

Leadership Skills

Leadership quality is one of the most important skills required to run a successful business. Best businesses are not sales lead or marketing lead ventures. They have strong influential leaders behind every successful project or task. Good leaders always motivate their team members to achieve their job or goal.

Sales and Marketing Skills

Sales and marketing are the type of skills which are inherited in an individual. These skills are hard to develop, as any individual who has a passion of sales will be depicted by his/her speech or body language. Same applies to the marketing people, as people with this skill are easily traceable. Good sellers have a tendency to sell any services assigned to them.

Business Planning and Strategizing

Business planning cannot function unless there is a written or documented business plan. Most of the business owners are generally engaged in day-to-day operations, sales, revenue or profit and not strategizing for coming months or years. Entrepreneurs need to develop these skills of business planning and strategizing as per their business requirements.

Communication Skills

Effective communication helps in increasing the sales volume eventually resulting in higher profits. Almost every task in a business requires communication and if it is able to convince the supplier and customer both, most of the work is done.

Financial Skills

Finance is all about managing money invested for the purpose of income and expenditure. Periodic reporting of financial report is always kept as high priority for any growing organization. Finance skills are required by entrepreneur to keep a check on cash flow and steps to manage working capital requirements of a firm.

Opportunities are to be grabbed, not handed down

Consistency is more important than perfection

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great